Nursing with Norma July 2018

Good afternoon friends!
I’ve had a very relaxed month at the clinic so far- although the same cannot be said for the Veterinary staff, who are run off their feet as usual!
With the wintry weather setting in, the nurses set about updating my bedroom with lots of warm things for me to snuggle in. However, they made a terrible discovery… some stage during the renovations last year my SUPER WARM SNUGGLY DONUT BED has gone missing!!! I was very distressed about this and decided to take it up with Liz the Practice Manager. To ensure Liz understood my feelings on this matter, I spent several days sneaking into her office and sleeping in her recycling box underneath some scrap paper (for dramatic effect).
It must have worked because by the end of the week, I had not 1, not 2 but 3 new cat caves to sleep in!! Although, receptionist Allie tried to tell me that 2 of those beds were in fact for hospital patients . Oh well, at least I got to keep my favourite one!
Another special parcel arrived for me too…. And it came in a BIG CARBOARD BOX!!!! (Liz seems to think that I have an unhealthy obsession with carboard?!?)
I waited patiently in the empty box while I supervised 2 of the nurses struggle to assemble the pieces. It was a VERY long time before I could even work out what they were trying to build!???? Apparently, they had no idea either until they located the piece of paper with pictures on it. Ha-ha
Eventually, a magnificent cat tower came together, and I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! The nurses were so pleased with their efforts and upon seeing how much I enjoyed playing/scratching/jumping/sleeping on it, they BUILT A SECOND ONE!!!!!! Just when I thought all my Christmases had come at once, they informed me that this one was not for me but for all the cats holidaying in the Cattery I guess that there is only so much space in my bedroom… and I do have A LOT of toys!
This month I got to meet a hero of mine! Nathan from Royal Canin (the pet food company) came to visit!! He is the man responsible for all of my food!!! He came to teach the staff about a new weight loss food and he was pleased to hear that I am ALREADY eating this food and- even better- that I have started to lose some weight!! (Pretty sure I heard someone say I was looking “Trim” the other day!) I almost blushed when he said I could be a poster girl!
I was briefly disappointed when he arrived with a pizza lunch for the human staff because I thought that he had forgotten about MY needs…. But he quickly won me back with the pet treats he offered me (although he didn’t think that I would eat the low-calorie treats …. But I showed him !) I sat quietly as he described what goes in to my food and how it stops me from feeling hungry…. He was so good at talking to that staff that they almost didn’t notice me stealing some Ham off a pizza ha-ha.
Well, it is time for me to head downstairs and check on the hospital patients… and maybe con someone to give me some more cuddles…. Who could resist????
Until next time,
Love Norma

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