Hello again friends!

Things are starting to get busy around here already. We have been fully booked with consults and surgery everyday this month!

We were lucky to have a visit from Dr Laura from Boehringer-Ingelheim company (They are responsible for many medications we prescribe for treating Heart conditions.) She came to speak to the staff about a dog dental treat called Oravet. I sat quietly and attentively while she spoke, and I got to watch the PowerPoint presentation from the front row! I love when new people come to visit…. As do the staff… who enjoyed the donuts and biscuits that Laura had provided for morning tea!! Unfortunately, there isn’t a feline version of this particular dental treat, so I wasn’t allowed to try any of the samples that she had with her ☹. But because I am SO CUTE I managed to convince Laura to feed me lots of my favourite chicken treats instead and she reckoned I was beautiful 😊!!

This month also marks the end of my diet- HOORAY!! Dr Hamish gave me a check over and said I was looking very trim!

After losing that extra half kilo of body weight and finishing my Cartrophen injections for my arthritis, I feel much more agile and have invented a new game of launching myself into my cat tunnel at full speed and seeing how far I can make it skid across the floor!! HAHA

This week I have been very spoilt…….

Firstly, I managed to lose the bell off my cat necklace (the staff insisted that I must wear one after I hid from Nurse Amelia last week…. Giving her a mild heart attack….) And so- I have been treated to a new collar (with a bell) that GLOWS. IN. THE. DARK!!! I think this will make for extra dramatic effect at 7am- when I’m waiting in my dark bedroom (AKA cat prison) to be let out HAHAHAHA

Secondly, as well as the new collar, I also received some new outfits from “Collar Fun”! There were some pretty snazzy Bowties and special Bandannas for me, including a couple of Christmas themed ones!!! Big thank you to Jenuffa and “Bently” for making them for me!!! I’m such a lucky girl!!!

Thirdly, the staff had roast chicken sandwiches at their communal lunch today- so of course I was willing to clean up any leftovers!!

And Finally, I’M GOING ON A SLEEPOVER TONIGHT!!!! I’m so excited !! The last time I went on a sleepover was with Receptionist/Nurse Sarah – and we watched the Royal Wedding together! Sarah treated me like the princess that I am, and I fell asleep in her clothes dryer (thankfully she knew I was in there and didn’t turn it on!) I wonder what mischief I can get into tonight?????

I had better go and pack my overnight bag…… must remember my cat pyjamas and loads of chicken for dinner!!!

Until next time,



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