Hello friends,
Things are really heating up in the clinic, thankfully, I can supervise all of the patient treatments comfortably under the air conditioning unit! Having said that, today I’m writing to you from the tangles of cords in the computer server cupboard! I have been warned that if I unplug ANY of these- I will be back on the streets…. regardless if it’s an “accident” or not .

The first exciting news I wish to share this month is that Nurse Katherine and her husband have welcomed a little (human) baby into their lives! Although I am very sad that Katherine is away on maternity leave, I am pleased to report that Mum and Bub are both doing well!!
We also said “Goodbye and Goodluck” to Nurse Emily who has decided to go and look after some much bigger cats at Canberra Zoo!!! I know that the animals there will be in excellent hands with Emily…. but I will miss her very much… especially all the times she played “The Floor is Lava” with me!! I’m sure she will be back every now and again to visit me.

The other nurses know that they have big shoes to fill now (and they also know this means that they will be the ones doing the daily battle with me to get me to take my special arthritis liquid- which I HATE!)
Around the hospital this week, we have treated an unusually high number of patients for Pancreatitis. This condition is reasonably common in dogs and happens when the pancreatic enzymes (that are supposed to help with digestion in the intestines) become active too early and begin working while still in the Pancreas! This causes it to become very inflamed. Patients typically present after a “fatty” meal (like bacon or ham bones) with a very painful and upset tummy. Commonly these patients spend a few days in hospital requiring blood tests, ultrasounds, IV fluids and pain relief.
On the plus side, as these patients often need to be encouraged to eat (because of nausea) they are started with a small amount of HOT CHICKEN!!!! This means that whenever we are treating pancreatitis patients, I tend to spend a lot of time sitting at the microwave- INSISTING on quality control testing every bag… you know…. for patient wellbeing 😊!!

We are also looking after 3 stray kittens who will all be looking for new homes. Cujo, Wednesday and Casper have already had their first vaccinations and microchips. I will be very pleased when they go, as the littlest girl is VERY LOUD! The vets have said that this is because she is deaf. But it doesn’t seem to slow her down at all. In fact, cats are well known for their ability to “pretend” to be deaf anyway…. I guess this little one is just a bit more convincing HAHA
Well, that’s all from me for now. I’m faced with the dilemma of how to fill my afternoon…. The nurses are doing a “Veterinary Clinic Elf on a Shelf” photoshoot that I simply must be involved in…but it’s also been about 1 hour since my 7 baby Platy Fish saw my face pressed up against the glass of their tank….. I’d hate for them to forget that- at any moment- they could become my dinner….
Until next time,

Norma xx
PS- we are currently taking name suggestions for the little fish….


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