Hello again everyone!

So much news for you this month. The clinic has been buzzing as the snake bite, grass seed and skin problem season really starts to kick off! As I write this, the nurses are giving one of our doggie patients a big hair cut and are on the search for a nasty Paralysis Tick!!

Unfortunately, we are seeing more and more cases of Paralysis Ticks- not only from animals going down the coast, but from places as close as Carwoola and even one here in residential Queanbeyan!  So please, if you are planning on going to the coast or into bushland on the outskirts of town over the next few months, please drop in and talk to the staff about the best prevention option for your pet!

We are very lucky that there are so many new Tick prevention products on the market now! The senior nurses were saying that it’s great that these treatments last a lot longer than the old “top spots” and they work a lot faster too!! And there is even one for cats!!

Yesterday we had a Vet visit from the company Zoetis. She gave the staff a lot of information on some of the newest Tick and Flea products (and of course she brought lunch along too!) I was pretty chuffed that she remembered me….and that I was present at her last presentation! She said I was a very well-behaved and attentive Kitty!!


This month I was super happy to see Nurse Amy, Nurse Clare and Nurse Emily all return safely (and very tanned) from their overseas holidays!! I was beginning to think they were NEVER coming back!!!!

Amy said that she really enjoyed a relaxing time visiting family in Spain! She said she really enjoyed the amazing food but, secretly, I know she missed me because she returned with HEAPS OF NEW TOYS!!!!

Clare spent 3 weeks in Thailand with a Volunteer Veterinary group called “Go Pawsome”! She helped provide veterinary care in the form of sterilization, vaccinations and other treatments to over 800 homeless dogs and cats! She said that it was such a rewarding experience and would love to return next year!

Emily spent 6 weeks at the N/a’an Ku Se Wildlife Sanctuary in Namibia, Africa!! This group provide sanctuary for animals that are unable to live in the wild due to conflict! She spent time working with Lions, Cheetahs, Leopards, African Painted dogs, Rhinos, Antelope and many others and had lots of amazing photos and stories to tell! Emily also managed to make friends with a regular domestic cat in Africa and I am very jealous!

I am so extremely proud of our nurses!! They both returned with a new-found appreciation for the equipment and facilities we have here in the clinic and they desperately want to help those communities and organisations who are trying to provide adequate care with little to no supplies! Hopefully they continue to do work like this- spreading a little bit of WQVH love all around the world!

Unfortunately, this month we did say goodbye to or Receptionist/Junior Nurse, Sarah, who has moved to Mount Isa with her partner. I want to wish her all the best for her future nursing path! I will miss the cuddles, treats and sleepovers ☹

As for me, my most exciting adventure this month was caring for a couple of Eastern Long-Necked Turtles! With all the wet weather, these guys had wandered onto the roads in search of somewhere to dig their burrows. Luckily, “VolderTort” and “Myrtle-the-Turtle” escaped with only minor injuries and were released back into the wild…Far away from any roads!!

Well that’s probably enough from me today- it’s just about time for the nurses to have some lunch….  better go wait at the lunch table and start practicing my saddest, most pathetic and starving meow. Yesterday I managed to score some carrot…..


Until next time,

Norma xx

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