Hi again!!

I’ve got something a little different for you all this month. At the recent staff meeting (where I was on my best behaviour- as always!) the team were discussing WHY they work in the Veterinary industry. So, over the past couple of weeks, I have been thinking about my purpose and what exactly it is that I bring to this clinic …

I’ve realised that it takes a VERY special cat to cope with life in a veterinary hospital….

So, for this month’s edition of Nursing with Norma, I’m going to tell you all exactly WHY I am the best cat for the job.

  1. Some days it’s super chaotic and noisy in the hospital. It can only take one young pup who wants to practice her singing, and next thing you know … ALL of the surgical patients are joining in!!!

I must keep my cool even when the walls are vibrating from the howling. HAHA.  I must not be spooked when dogs growl at me …

Because, as a good clinic cat, I stand tall and proud in the face of fear.

  1. I am inquisitive and very food motivated. I like to know what is happening in the clinic around me and I am easily trained. But I also know that there are some places that I’m not allowed to roam …

Because as a good clinic cat, I must understand boundaries and have some manners.

  1. I bring joy to the clinic. I can have the attention of an entire room in an instant simply by falling off my cat scratcher. I run crazy laps around the clinic getting as many people as I can to follow me (mostly to my food bowl) for no reason. I make my team laugh- simply by being myself. And I have my own blog!!!! HOW MANY REGULAR CATS CAN SAY THAT???!!!!!!

Because, as a good clinic cat, I know that it’s important to keep the people who feed me happy.

  1. (The Most important reason): Some days, life in a vet hospital can be difficult. I mean REALLY difficult.  We are there when families say their final goodbyes. We see traumatic injuries, unexpected illness and old age.  And, I’ve seen plenty of grown men break down and cry as they give their best mate one last pat. There are days where our patients cross the “Rainbow Bridge” after we have spent hours, days, weeks and sometimes, years treating them.

And I see the impact that has on my Veterinary family. They care deeply, and no decision is ever made easily.

This means that at any moment I could be scooped up into someone’s arms because they find comfort from placing their (sometimes teary) faces into my soft fur. I purr gently and nuzzle them for as long as they want …

Because, as a good clinic cat, I know that they need me.

So, I guess I’ve realised that- even though I didn’t apply for the position of “Clinic Cat” at WQVH- I turned out to be the purrfect fit for this job….

Because, what I do as a good clinic cat, makes a big difference in the lives of the Staff who spend so much time caring for other people’s pets.

Well, I best be off to find someone to snuggle me…because sometimes a good clinic cat needs a reward too!!

Until next time,

Norma XX

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