Hello again followers of Norma!
Loads happening around here as always. My personal highlight for this month was the arrival of our new Dental X-ray machine! This snazzy piece of equipment allows the Vets to take diagnostic images of the teeth when pets come in for dental procedures and can potentially find dental issues before they become bigger problems! However, this was not the reason I was excited by its arrival…. I was super excited for 2 reasons;
1- There were 3 very large cardboard boxes for me to play in, and 2- The staff had to have a lunchtime training session on how to use the camera…. which meant they had to have lunch together……. which also meant that they ordered lunch (turns out that Veterinary people are also VERY motivated by food) ….and they ordered my FAVOURITE-THING-IN-THE-WHOLE-WORLD…. Hot Roast Chicken!!!! YUM!!!
The month of May also marks 1 year since my arrival here at the hospital! How amazing is that?!? I still remember the staff trying to pick a suitable name for me… there were a few options thrown around – thank goodness I didn’t end up being called “Hobbles” because my leg is all fixed now! Recently, the staff have given me a few longer names like “Norma please don’t eat that”, “NO Norma you’ve locked my laptop again.”, “Norma give that back”, “Norma, please don’t throw that off the desk!” and my personal favourite “NORMA!! HOW DID YOU GET UP THERE??”
Last week my self-esteem took a big hit after I was caught on video falling off a desk whilst playing in my cat tunnel.!! This video quickly spread around the hospital like a bad case of fleas! I could hear the wave of laughter from the staff as they watched it on repeat for the next 15 minutes….it was VERY embarrassing! IMG_1271
(Thankyou to my readers for YOUR concern, I wasn’t hurt- the only thing injured was my pride!)
The upside of this misadventure was that I became a Snapchat sensation! This now makes me the most successful staff member on social media! I now also have my own Instagram page and you can follow me: @norma_nursecat
Speaking of which, I had better go find someone to brush me and fetch me some treats before my daily glamour shot…. Being this purrfect does come naturally to me – but a girl can never have too much pampering!! I’m thinking of lounging elegantly on my new cardboard scratcher for today’s photo……
Until next time,

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