Hello again friends!

Busy times for me at the clinic this month. I didn’t realise just how famous I had become in such a short amount of time! I also didn’t realise how much people enjoyed looking at my pictures and reading about my adventures. To stay humble, I have spent loads more time out at reception meeting and greeting my fans! Some asked to have pictures with me, others were sad that I wasn’t around (in my defence I did accidently get locked in the cupboard for 3 hours) but mostly I was excited because my fans know how much I LOVE my treats and are more than happy to help me cheat on my diet!! So, if you are coming into the clinic anytime soon and I’m not around, please feel free to ask at reception, I’d love to say Hello and have a snack with you!!

The nurses are a bit jealous that I’m not spending as much time with them out the back…… they also said that no one is covering my duties – although I think Dr Hamish might have something to say if he found one of the human nurses sleeping on the surgical table! HAHA

I enjoy learning different clinic procedures! I mean I’ve worked (slept) in the laundry. I’ve helped with patient care (stole some food when they weren’t looking), I’ve provided assistance in the cattery (checked the scratching tree was acceptable), Raised kittens (shared my toys with them even if they hiss at me), I’ve helped answer the phone (chewed the phone cord) I regularly provide I.T. support (watching the humans frantically try to save their work after I’ve walked on the keyboard) and I’m always around for emotional support after a difficult day (I like to leave a little bit of Norma hair on everyone)!

And this month, do you know what I got in return???????


Dr Brett said that I had managed to gain more weight…. but I honestly think its muscle, because the other day I tried to jump onto the reception bench, I didn’t quite make it up, BUT I flexed my kitty biceps and successfully completed 1 chin-up! AND, when I got to the top I was barely puffed!!!

Being told that I was fat was not the worst part of my booster vaccination. Nor was the needle itself too bad. I even understood why they decided that I should have 3 more needles to protect me against Feline Immunodeficiency Virus!  No, the worst part was the absolute BETRAYAL I felt when one of my TRUSTED FAMILY MEMBERS came at me with the dreaded thermometer!!!! Thank goodness that won’t happen again till next year!!!!

Anyway, must dash, I am apparently picking the winner of our ticket giveaway to “A Pooch Affair” and there are treats involved……I really hope they aren’t low fat!

Until next time,


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