Happy New Year to all my readers!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Years! While the clinic was closed over Christmas and New Years I had some much needed alone time! I am a very busy kitty most of the year and it was nice to be able to chill out in my room and play in my cat tunnel without anyone bothering me! I did, however get some visits from the lovely nurses who came in to look after the holidaying cats in the cattery!

January has been VERY HOT! Thank goodness I have been in the clinic hanging out under the air con. I hope you and your fur babies have been staying cool! We animals can suffer from heat stroke too! So please make sure your fur babies have plenty of access to water and a nice cool spot to hang out in!

Now let me tell you all about my brand new DRINKING FOUNTAIN. As I’ve mentioned in my last post, I’ve developed a very demanding habit of wanting to drink out of the tap, which “apparently” is a bit annoying to others. Therefore, a drinking fountain was purchased for me! And since I prefer to drink out of metal containers, the team had to buy me the most EXPENSIVE drinking fountain on the market! LUCKY ME!!!

Nurse Lauren and Nurse Emily set it up from me while I watched from the corner, I then had a quick look at the water streams and left to play with the box it came in instead (to be completely honest I didn’t want them to know how excited I was)!! I did notice Lauren filling up her water bottle from it when she thought I wasn’t looking… A bit controversial if you ask me!

Speaking of controversy… I did get in a tiny bit of trouble last week as I MAY have snuck into the laundry room while Nurse Amelia was on lunch and MAY have snuck into the drape cupboard and MAY have had a nap in there… I don’t get why everyone was so cross! I mean just because all the drapes needed to de-linted again (to remove all my fur) isn’t such a big deal, right?! I was having a great sleep until I got rudely woken up! Then after that I sat on the floor and meowed VERY LOUDLY, as I was EXTREMELY hungry after my lovely nap! You understand right?! Well apparently no one in the laundry room did, so instead I went into the vet office and helped myself to Dr Hamish’s ham sandwich!

Anyway, best be back to work before they think I’m slacking off…
Lots of Love Nurse Norma xx

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