Nursing with Norma.
Happy new year to you all! My goodness, what a whirlwind the Christmas period was! It was super busy here and I was initially worried that the clinic was going to be closed for 2 days- and I would be here managing the hospital on my own! But I didn’t realise that the “Norma feeders” would still have to come in to help the sick animals and tend to a full cattery! I was very pleased to have people to play with!
I was also lucky to get some Christmas presents which included a toy wand, crinkle balls, a puzzle feeder and of course some yummy treats. But my best present was, by far, the fact that I now have a real home and a family to celebrate with!
There have already been some changes in the clinic this year, with the addition of 3 new nurses. I ‘ve had to educate them on what my different meows are for- and I’ve found that if I yell for an extended time and then RUN to my bedroom they will always follow me in for a play! I like them, and I think we will keep them .
Due to the new nursing roster, I’ve been spending a lot of time in Surgery 2 (this is the room where we take X-rays and the emergency cases are triaged.) I can spend hours in there lounging on the window ledge watching the sparrows in the backyard, or checking out the view from the x-ray table, or just balancing on things at face height so I can scare the new -and old- nurses when they walk in the room! Hahaha
Hamish has almost finished decorating the reception area. I’m really hoping that he will add some special cat shelves, so I can safely watch over the waiting area from up high! But I’m still working on convincing him of that one. New chairs arrived last month which means that the old chairs have moved upstairs for me! They are very comfy, and seeing as it is shedding season, I’ve made sure to leave a large amount to Norma hair on them so that everyone knows that they are mine now! I did try to also claim the large chair in Liz’s office but apparently seeing as I have 5 of my own chairs I am not allowed to have that one too .

Well, it’s just about time for our daily hospital rounds – which means all the staff will be gathered in the Vet office. I had better go and sit next to the microwave to remind them that I’m hungry and my roast chicken needs defrosting.
Until next time,
Norma xx

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