Hi everyone!

Finally, things have started to settle down at the clinic and we try to recover from the busy season!

While Dr Brett and Dr Philo were enjoying some much-deserved time off, we were lucky to have Dr Shan Siah from Perth come to do some locum Vet work with us again!

“MR-Doctor” Shan (different to our “LADY-Doctor” Shan…. Which was very confusing at times) was lots of fun and I enjoyed lounging around under his desk every day and sitting politely in front of his computer screen as he tried to write up his consultation notes!! The reception staff were all quite surprised and impressed that I didn’t trample all over his computer keyboard like I frequently do to them!!!

With things being a little less hectic downstairs, I’ve been enjoying spending more time hanging around in the Vet Office.

The upside of this is that I’m always available to supervise what delicious treats are being heated up in the microwave! And Dr Brett has even set me up an extra comfy bed and blanket (which I think might have been designed for something the size of a Great Dane)! This takes the number of cat beds that are spread around the clinic for me to EIGHT!!


This week the clinic will be having a major computer software upgrade! For the next week or so, the staff will be learning how to use the new system so it might take a little longer in reception during this time… but in the long run hopefully it will make the days run a lot smoother! Honestly, I don’t mind what system we are running (mostly because I will still do my best to lock the keypads, play with the mouse, put my toes on random punctuation keys and generally be a menace HAHAHA!) MY biggest concern is that the modem will still be a warm place for me to nap on!


In the past month I have maintained my healthy weight so am still diet free!!! This is quite a feat for me- especially as I like to sit in front of the cat food tub and make sad noises until someone fetches me a dental treat!!  (little do they know I am more than capable of grabbing them out for myself when no one is watching me! HAHAHA!!!)

I was also very well behaved for my arthritis needle last week- I feel less betrayed when my 2 favourite nurses give me the needle instead of the vets…… but it’s just because the give me so many more treats HAHAHA

The needles do help, yesterday I jumped up onto the very high reception desk and didn’t even make a “thud” like I used to!

Well, I had best be off to attend our first “Ezyvet” training session…… just as soon as I’ve finished shedding a bit more hair in the basket of clean scrub tops!

Until next time,

Norma xx

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