Hello again, Norma here!

Exciting times as always! It has continued to be very busy- and so, my daily duties have expanded once again! So, as well as “Cardboard Box Quality Control”, “Surgical Heat Mat Sleeping”, “Roast Chicken Taste Tester”, “Bird Watcher”, “Window Ledge Lounger” I now also spend every morning helping Allie, the receptionist, with the preparation for the day. This includes lying on any paperwork that she needs, stealing pens, knocking items off the desk (on purpose) and standing on the keyboard. It’s a tough gig. After I’ve finished assisting with that, I normally reward myself by lying in the sunlight on one of my many comfy beds!

In the afternoons I also enjoy sitting in the middle of the walkway between the consult rooms (just out of view of those in the waiting room) staring at the receptionists- doing my best impression of a garden statue!

I’ve been spending a little bit more time out at the front desk lately. There is a little foot stool out there that makes an excellent scratching post/ bed. I still get a bit frightened when there are lots of people around though! I don’t mean to brag, but, I have heard some of the pet owners say that I’m a fast runner! (I guess it might have something to do with those needles Dr Brett was giving me for my knee…. Not that I’ve forgiven him for that!)

The nursing side of things has been interesting and exciting too!

We have performed a few of caesareans this month- which means lots of healthy babies and LOTS of happy staff. We all agree that there is something very special about each new life …. I particularly enjoy the little sounds the babies make! (I, personally, also enjoy all of the interesting smells that come with that procedure… although the other nurses think that’s a bit weird!?!)

There have also been a few patients with sore legs that needed fixing -just like I did! I do like to roam around the hospital room showing them that the Vets will have them fixed up in no time!

This month I also received MORE TOYS from a nice lady who brings her beautiful Birman cat to the clinic! Initially, I was a bit unsure of the laser pointer cos it makes a funny noise, but, after bopping it with my paw a few times, I finally realised that it shines a little red light that moves around the room for me to chase!!! Such fun!!

Well that’s all for now, there is a pesky fly that has been sitting on the wall watching me as I write this…my natural hunting instincts are telling me to go catch him!

Until next time,

Norma xx

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