Happy Christmas to all my readers!!

I can’t tell you all how excited I am for Christmas!!! If my recent Christmas photo shoot – complete with a jingly collar, tinsel and a WHOLE ROAST CHICKEN – is anything to go by, it’s going to be a great month for me 😊!!!!

I have also seen a jar in the vet office with a picture of yours truly on it!!!! I’m not entirely sure what it is for??  But, recently I have been banned from drinking straight for the taps around the building (I have trained the staff by standing on the sink and crying until someone gets annoyed and turns it on for me!) I heard a whisper that the nurses are buying me my very own drinking fountain!!! If this is true, and if I am completely honest, I will probably only drink from it once and then it will become another of my purely ornamental cat toys!!! Hahahaha

This month has been crazy- we are well into our busiest season of the year seeing many snake bites, young native wildlife, caesarians, allergies and lots of patients who have embraced the Christmas spirit of ingesting things that know they simply shouldn’t eat…. but eat it anyway!!

As someone who has been a “Victim” of one of these dietary indiscretions I feel I must come to the defence of all those Doggo’s and Kit-Kats………

Sometimes we just can’t help ourselves!! It only takes a small piece of plastic that is rolling across the floor, masquerading around like something delicious… and, before you know it, it’s 2 days later and you don’t understand why your tummy is so very sore and you can’t poop!!! (I am reminded frequently that I am a very expensive clinic cat ☹.) Sometimes we fur kids don’t learn from our mistakes! And, it can be very confusing when your humans are diving around the floor, wrestling to retrieve the -for example- garlic leaf-that is already in your mouth!! These things simply MUST be swallowed!

Although, I’ve have also seen some VERY strange things be surgically removed from our patients. This week we looked after “Marshall”, the Burmese, who ate the end off his Dad’s foam massage roller!! “Marshall” is also what we call a “Repeat Offender”, his family love him very much! But, seriously, WHY you would eat THAT is beyond me!!

So, for all of my fur friends, I’m going to offer you this piece of advice:

If it belongs on the Christmas tree or comes in a colourful and crinkly foil wrapper, if is an item of clothing that belongs to a visiting relative or if you’ve stolen it from the Christmas lunch banquet …….DO NOT EAT IT!!!! Trust me, your family will be very upset with you and you could very well end up in the literal “Dog House”!

Well, that’s probably enough from me for this year!

Thankyou to everyone who had treated me to pats, cuddles and snacks throughout the year! I love my job here at the clinic and honestly, I am the worlds luckiest clinic cat!

Better go- Dr Hamish has told the staff that they need to spend more time patting me………I don’t think he realises exactly how much time they spend doing this already!! hehehe

Until next time,

Love Norma


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