Hello friends!

I’m coming to you today from the most comfiest, snuggly, warm, big and I’m-going-to-be-in-so-much-trouble-when-they-find-me-in-this cardboard box EVER!!!!!!

It is located high above the staff lockers filled with brand new uniforms!! I’ve been methodically chewing off the tags and shedding a large amount of hair on each one for the last 2 hours.

At this moment there are 4 nurses searching for me….and I’d say that their “Panic Level” is currently sitting at 3 out of 5. HAHAHA

This month I have been very busy becoming a professional puppy trainer!

Nurse Richelle has recently adopted a Groodle named Peggy and Dr Philo has adopted his first ever pet dog- Barney the Golden Retriever. Nurse Lauren has also been bringing in her geriatric Husky X called Nara in for play dates with the puppies!

I tell you what, dear readers- it was ABSOLUTE CHAOS with the 3 of them running/rolling/jumping around and an even BIGGER disaster when they knocked over the recycling bin. I was appalled to see such behaviour but, unfortunately, they took no notice of my disapproving glare as they were far more interested in destroying the empty cardboard rolls that had become scattered around the yard.

If that was not bad enough, Barney and Peggy were invited to sit in on our Clinical Rounds!!!

Everyone knows that this is MY TIME!!! For as long as I have been the Official Clinic Cat, I have reliably attended the Rounds (except that one time that I was locked in the cupboard) and I sit quietly on my scratcher until I identify the person who most needs my attention (or alternatively- anyone with clean black pants HAHA!)

So, I was extremely annoyed when I looked over and saw Barney CHEWING UP MY FAVOURITE SCRATCHING LOUNGE!! I mean, he had his ENTIRE mouth over it!! Dribbling and gnawing at its previously pristine edges!!

That was the FINAL STRAW!!!! As you all know, I can be very sassy. So, I made my feelings very obvious by hissing at both of them and spending the remaining meeting time sulking on the stairs. ☹ As for the Husky- I already have her well trained…. she has a healthy respect for my personal space, and I do enjoy the Mexican stand offs with her…. that I always win! HAHAHAHAHA!

On the bright side, I got to meet something WAY better than a fluffy, drooly, bouncy and disgustingly happy puppy…the coolest patient I encountered this month was a FERRET!!! I’d never seen one before and I found her scent quite intriguing.

This particular ferret was in for routine desexing but I watched her all day. She was super inquisitive about me too! So later on, we got to have a (heavily) supervised “Meet and Greet”! It was very cool!

I wonder if I can convince Dr Hamish to let me get me a pet ferret?????

Well, I best be off …. No one has found me yet and I can hear the search party starting to become quite frantic. If I wasn’t so disappointed in their ability to play “Where’s Norma?!” I might feel a little bit guilty.

Until next time,

Norma xx

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