Happy Pre Easter everyone!

What an egg-citing time it is at the clinic! this is our season for pregnancies and caesarians, and this has kept all the nurses and vets on their toes!! We have had at least 1 caesarian every week so far and this means a lot of puppies and a lot more washing! (Dr Hamish and Dr Philo really know how to make a mess! Ha-ha)

So far we have delivered Hungarian Vizslas, 8 Sharpei pups, 3 Dashchund pups, 5 Cane Corso pups and 5 Akita pups! We are also monitoring a Cocker Spaniel, a Norfolk terrier, an Australian Shepherd and Labradoodle!!

I am an excellent assistant midwife- I always check the baskets to confirm the hot water bottles are ready to keep the babies warm and I help supervise the tying of umbilical cords!

I’m not allowed in the surgery room while the procedures are taking place, but I pace around outside the door and meow loudly for moral support!!

This month we are operating without our fearless leader for 2 weeks… Dr Hamish is currently in Borneo supervising a school group who are visiting the Orangutan Sanctuary! HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!?!!!  The nurses have requested that he send through lots of photos of the places he is visiting so WATCH THIS SPACE!!

But don’t worry, DRs Brett, Philo, Shan and Amanda-Lee will be holding down the fort until he returns!

I would also like to introduce you to the 3 new people on our support staff team!

Tessa has joined our reception desk- and, despite having not worked in a Veterinary hospital before, she is learning the ropes quite quickly! AND she lets me eat treats off the front counter!!!

Sophie is fully qualified and an experienced nurse. She has a special interest in cat behaviour and making each visit a little less stressful for our feline patients!

Alia has a background in dog grooming and has decided to branch out into Veterinary Nursing! She will also join the team as a trainee nurse.

All 3 girls have been very kind to me and I enjoy spending a bit of time each day getting to know them!

Well, I best be off; Dr Brett is about to arrange his annual WQVH Easter Egg Hunt!!!!!

Every year he hides around 200 chocolate eggs around the clinic!!! (Far out of reach of the patients and any inquisitive noses!) Unlike the other nurses (and probably a surprise to my readers) I am not interested in the chocolate- but I do enjoy chasing the foil wrappers around!!! And, it’s kind of heart-warming seeing the faces of the nurses light up each time the find an egg!

And because there are SO MANY EGGS…. The search seems to go on for many, many months…… so I will be working hard to show Brett ALL my favourite hiding spots!

Until next time,

Norma xx

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