Hello again everyone & welcome to another edition of Nursing with Norma!

I have been very busy this month- so much so that I’ve had to cut back on my nap time! Drastic measures, I know, can’t help that I’m such an important member of the nursing team!

I’ve made HEAPS of new friends over the past few weeks.

Maddie, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, has been staying with us for over 2 weeks now while her wounds heal.

Initially I was jealous of Maddie. She seemed to be getting as least twice as much roast chicken as I was! And, the nurses kept putting honey on her wounds which Maddie also seemed to enjoy licking off. I tasted the honey too but couldn’t really understand why she liked it so much?!

As well as getting lots of treats, (including some meat pie from Dr Hamish) Maddie was allowed be a free-range pup, she got to sit in on our daily hospital rounds, AND she got to wear not 1, but 2, bright pink jackets that the staff bought for her!

The other Nurses later explained to me that it wasn’t because they loved her more than me (I mean, I am pretty amazing!), But that Maddie’s neck was too sore to wear a lead and the jacket was to stop her from eating the cream on her legs!

After a few days she must have started to feel better because she ran over to me (I had been supervising her treatment from the hallway floor) and LICKED ME ON THE FACE!!! I was totally freaked out…. And covered in dog cooties…. gross!

I thought about bopping her with my paw, but seeing as she just stood there, looking at me with her enormous brown eyes, wagging her tail like a goofball………I just couldn’t bring myself to do it!!! So, I hissed loudly and RAN to my room!

I have since forgiven Maddie…. Especially after she shared her treats with me I will be sad when she goes home in the next couple of days!

I also go to meet some live chickens! “Lady Peck-Peck” and “Miss Clucky” (named by the staff) don’t smell nearly as good as the roast chicken that comes out of the microwave – they make a LOT more mess too.

Dr Hamish joked that maybe the stray Chickens could stay here and be Clinic Chickens…. He said that at least they would earn their stay with all the eggs they are laying!!

I got spoilt yesterday…. well, kind of…. A nice lady treated the nurses to a cheesecake and I stole some off the desk. I’d like to say that I enjoyed it but, as I learnt after I ate the cake, cats do not actually have the taste buds needed to enjoy sweets, so now I must burn off all those extra calories too! I guess that will teach me for being greedy!

Speaking of which, I can hear someone calling me – better go hide underneath the Endoscope unit just in case they force me to exercise again.

 Until next time,

Love Fat Norma




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