Can’t believe how quickly this month has gone by! Must have done a lot more sleeping on the computer modem than I thought!

There have been so many exciting things happen over the past few weeks, the builders have taken down the Norma barricade and I’ve had a few sneaky trips into the renovated area to make sure my new hidey hole is up to scratch! And I’m quite impressed!

Every time I visit the worksite I like to venture a little further in then yell at the top of my lungs for as long as possible until one of the nurses (Or “Norma Feeders” as I call them) comes to find me…. It works every time…… and sometimes they even bring me a treat hahaha

This month I also made a new friend! He stayed in the hospital for about a week and for the first couple of days he barked at me…. But I just kept strolling past and pretending that I didn’t care. Then I noticed that the my “Norma feeders” were giving this little guy MY roast chicken!!! So, one dinnertime, while “JP” the dog was having his wounds treated, I snuck into his cage and ate the chicken out of his bowl!!! My vet family thought this was very funny and they decided that from then on, JP and I would have our treats together……. We would even sit side by side!

Although JP has now gone home to recover I continue to SIT for my chicken- proving once again that cats are much smarter than dogs!

I also had my first encounter with a wild bird this month- Luck for him, he was safely locked in a cage where I couldn’t get too close but I did attempt to climb the hospital cages for a sneak peek!

I continue to keep watch under the pathology bench during the day which is also now surrounded by Norma toys to keep me entertained…. If I do get bored I tend to “ACCIDENTLY” sit on the power button which seems to send all the humans into a frenzy hahaha!

I think I just heard the microwave door open and that can only mean yummy things! Must go!!!

Until next time,

Norma xxxxx

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