Welcome my readers to the next instalment of Nursing with Norma!

It’s been a busy month here; the weather has started to heat up and with that brings a lot of different animals to the clinic to visit me and my vet family.

Over the past few weeks I’ve seen a spikey ball with a big nose (I think they called it an Echidna), 2 tiny kittens, a box of puppies, a wombat baby, a koala, a lizard with a blue tongue and A DRAGON!!!! All the staff were super excited about the dragon! Apparently, they are very rare around Canberra. I supervised DR Philo while he fixed the leg of what he was calling the “Rosenberg’s Monitor”. I told him I was pretty sure it was call a dragon!

I’ve taken on some very important roles in the clinic this month. Really expanding my duties. Every morning I spend at least half an hour sitting on the heat mat before the surgeries start for the day- just to make sure that they are in working order to keep the patients warm during their procedures.

I have also appointed myself as the official roast chicken taste tester! It’s a tough job, especially since I’ve been put on a diet!

But by far, my most important job is “Quality control” for EVERY cardboard box in the clinic!

New boxes arrive twice a week and sometimes there are more than 10 to inspect, AND I must check each one before it gets flattened into the recycling!

I must admit that this is my favourite thing to do, and sometimes I like to trick the nurses by hiding out in a box and waiting till someone finds me!! (Although, I did fall asleep one time and was accidently locked in a cupboard for 2 hours! After that, the “Norma feeders” made me my very own cat castle to sleep in!!)

This month I’ve also started to really test out my new knee! My beautiful hair has all grown back now -so it looks like nothing ever happened! I can run up and down the stairs fast, jump on and off the window ledges and I can open the swinging doors all by myself!! I’m so glad that Dr Brett could help me…. and I think that the staff enjoy having me around!

Don’t tell anyone, but I really love all of them too!!

Until next time,

Norma xxx

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