Hello to all my readers!!!

You may have noticed that my blog is a little late this month- apologies, but I have been very busy catching up with on my duties…. Especially after my “accident” (but more on that later!).

It’s been a crazy time here at the clinic, and there has hardly been a day where my Vet family have gone home while it’s still daylight! I am very lucky that even after a long day, before I go to my bedroom, I get loads of cuddles form the Vets (Dr Hamish is a sucker for my little meows) and the nurses plays games with me. My favourite is chasing my fish toy, jumping around and skidding across the floor. Then I’ll happily sit on a lap, close my eyes and purr until I get carried to my bed!

As always, there have been some interesting cases come through the hospital and I’m always eager to investigate and supervise (when I’m not sleeping in the cupboard!). I have seen a beautiful Falcon, newborn kittens, patients who had played with snakes (they all recovered, thank goodness!) and I got to meet 9 of my step-fur-brothers-and-sisters who all belong to one or other of my many humans!

However, the most dramatic thing this month was when I got myself into some trouble…. And instead of Nursing WITH Norma it became a bit more like Nursing FOR Norma after I accidently swallowed a plastic cap that I had been playing with!!

At first, I didn’t tell my humans what had happened, and I tried to pretend that I was OK. But the next day I was very sick and couldn’t even eat my roast chicken!! I then had firsthand experience of the care and attention that the sick pets get here every day! I was on my best behaviour when Dr Brett clipped the hair off my leg (again!) and when the nurses took my x-rays. Everyone was worried about me!! I was then given some sort of injection that made my tummy stop hurting and I felt really sleepy!

When I woke up my belly was NAKED, and everyone could see my nipples!!! How embarrassing!!!!
Dr Brett later told me that the little cap was stuck and had to be surgically removed from my small intestine – that’s why I felt so sick!!!

I got to hang out in the hospital for a few days and I got lots and lots of cuddles from all the staff, and after day 3, I pleaded to be a free-range cat again!

I’ve since been on my best behaviour and I’ve promised Dr Hamish that from now on I’ll only chase my cat toys around the floor!

Better finish up for now, am working on a little Christmas project for you all, so stay tuned!!!

Love Norma

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