This 2 year old cutie was brought into the clinic by a family that had found her wandering around their property. They had noticed that she was limping badly on her hind leg. After a health check and X-Rays, Dr Hamish and Dr Brett found that she would need major surgery to fix her knee.

During the 2 weeks we waited for an owner to claim her, the staff became more and more attached to this little cat. The Vet team continued to debate whether it would be best to amputate or to try and fix her leg. We also wondered who would adopt her should she need ongoing care and the possibility that she might not ever find a home.

After 3 weeks and no enquiries, it was decided that Dr Brett would attempt the surgery to fix the little cat that had affectionately become known as “Norma”, and that West Queanbeyan Veterinary Hospital would be her forever home!

It’s now 4 weeks post op and although not fully healed (she also hasn’t forgiven Dr Brett for shaving off all her leg hair) Norma is happy to run around the clinic, jump in and out of cupboards and dive under hospital cages.

She especially loves sleeping on fluffy towels after they’ve come out of the dryer!

Norma is still a little shy of strangers but she is being thoroughly spoilt and there is no shortage of hugs from her new family.

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