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West Queanbeyan Veterinary Hospital
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NSW 2620

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It is important to provide a complete and balanced diet for dogs, particularly at certain stages in their lives such as puppy-hood, pregnancy and lactation. We recommend that you base feeding your dog on a high quality commercial food for convenience and we can advise you on the best option for your dog’s needs. We regularly stock the Hills Science Diets and can order in Eukanuba, Advance or Royal Canin brands as well as other specialised products as required.

We appreciate the benefits of feeding ‘natural’ foods to provide diversity in your pet’s diet.  However, care should be taken when feeding only home-cooked meals, so that all aspects of your dog’s dietary needs are being met.  Please ask one of our vets for advice if you plan to feed your dog in this way.

We strongly encourage the provision of raw, meaty bones (without sharp edges) for dental health and because most dogs enjoy bones!  Keeping your dogs teeth clean is an important part of their care as poor dental health can not only be unpleasant for you and painful for your dog but is also associated with other diseases such as heart disease, kidney/liver disease and septicaemia.

What ever diet you choose, obesity is the most common nutritional problem seen in dogs.  Excessive weight contributes to many chronic diseases and can reduce the quality and the length of their life.  It is important to get into the routine of measuring the amount of food given and having set meal times instead of leaving food out all day.